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We know we always say this, but if you’ve not yet listened to The Hidden People, season 3, episode 22 (“Destiny Made Manifest”), we strongly suggest you do so before reading on! It was released Thursday, March 2nd and there be spoilers ahead. Latest… Continue Reading “DWM NEWSLETTER #12”

DWM Newsletter #11

As I write, I (Katie) have just finished work on my 66th episode of The Hidden People. To mark the occasion, here’s a photo of me out recording for episode 1. I visited a local dog-walking spot, hoping to capture some barks and growls… Continue Reading “DWM Newsletter #11”

DWM Newsletter #10

Hello once again! This week we discuss some of what we learned in the latest episode, which was season 3, episode 20 – “I Name Thee,” released on 2nd February. As ever, spoilers follow, so make sure you are caught up before you read.… Continue Reading “DWM Newsletter #10”


Happy new year from all of us! First off, apologies that we didn’t manage to keep the newsletters releasing during the holidays as we had hoped – several of us who help to make them were struck with winter viruses. But we are back… Continue Reading “DWM NEWSLETTER #9”

DWM Newsletter #8

We hope this finds you well, wherever in the world it reaches you! It is our penultimate newsletter of 2022, and we’ll be discussing events in season 3, episode 18 (“Never Let Me Down”), which was released on December 8th, so please consider this… Continue Reading “DWM Newsletter #8”

DWM Newsletter #7

We join you today with just five episodes left of this season of The Hidden People! Events are moving fast in our story now. We have lots for you in this edition, including another interview with a great cast member, plus some wider DWM… Continue Reading “DWM Newsletter #7”

DWM Newsletter #6

DWM Newsletter #6 Hello and sorry. If you know why we’re sorry, you won’t need telling. If you don’t know, then I suggest you get caught up on THP up until the latest episode, which is season 3, episode 16 – “A Piece of… Continue Reading “DWM Newsletter #6”

DWM Newsletter #5

Happy belated Hallowe’en! You find us getting spooky in some spooky woods right now… and on that note, before you read on, beware of the scariest things of all – which are spoilers, obviously! This time around, spoilers will be up to and including… Continue Reading “DWM Newsletter #5”

DWM Newsletter #4

Hello from all of us! If you’ve not caught up with The Hidden People up to the latest episode (which is season 3, episode 14, released on 13th October), beware of spoilers before reading on. Latest from The Hidden People Speaking personally here, this… Continue Reading “DWM Newsletter #4”

DWM Newsletter #3

Hello again! October already, and The Hidden People is now two episodes into the second half of season three. Meanwhile, writing and dialogue editing are still going on behind the scenes on future DWM shows, while I – as ever! – am bringing up… Continue Reading “DWM Newsletter #3”