DWM Newsletter #7

We join you today with just five episodes left of this season of The Hidden People! Events are moving fast in our story now.

We have lots for you in this edition, including another interview with a great cast member, plus some wider DWM news. Katie will be in the Artists’ Corner slot this time around, temporarily booting out Chris for a week to discuss the use of BIG music in audio drama.

Your spoiler warning for this newsletter extends up to season 3, episode 17 (“For He’s A Jolly…”).

Latest from The Hidden People

Last week we heard from Riley’s voice actor, Erin. This week, we catch up with Jacob Anderson, who plays our new most hated baddie, Robin Goodfellow.

You also voice act in video games – can you tell us about that?

Well, I’ve voice acted in a handful of indie video games that you can find on Steam or Itch.io. Recently I’ve been in a role-playing game called Killer Gin as a small number of minor characters, and most notably I’ve been voice acting regularly for the visual novel company Woodsy Studio since 2015, and I’m actually reprising my original role with them as the sycophantic and coy Reuben Jeridar in their upcoming remake of “Serafina’s Saga”!

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