DWM Newsletter #8

We hope this finds you well, wherever in the world it reaches you!

It is our penultimate newsletter of 2022, and we’ll be discussing events in season 3, episode 18 (“Never Let Me Down”), which was released on December 8th, so please consider this your spoiler warning!

We’ll also be hearing from Megan about her process, getting a sneak peek at new DWM shows, and meeting some more of the DWM dinosaurs.

Latest from The Hidden People

We’ve spoken to the performers who play Riley and Robin. We complete this mini-series of cast interviews by hearing this week from Stephen Gogol, who plays Alfie.

We’ve taken away Alfie’s parents and now Riley; how has your approach to him changed over the seasons?

Starting out, I played Alfie very much the comic relief. I wanted to put humor in where I could, make straight lines funny if I could, and ultimately give a happy foil to Nissa and Mack. Over the seasons, season 3 especially…

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