Happy new year from all of us!

First off, apologies that we didn’t manage to keep the newsletters releasing during the holidays as we had hoped – several of us who help to make them were struck with winter viruses.

But we are back now, as is The Hidden People! And it is the final four episodes of the season! If you are not caught up with the show, beware of spoilers for episodes up to and including season 3, episode 19: “Ms Robot.”

And before we move on, let’s take a moment to recognize that this is the ninth newsletter. As you may know, NINE is a very important number in Norse mythology, and it occurs many, many times throughout The Hidden People, going back all the way to season one, well before we revealed the identity of the Storyteller. You can find nine, nines, and multiples of nine in places like the details of the Reaping and even in the other Mackenna’s prisoner identification number (you might say that she is one for nines).

Latest from The Hidden People

It was a few weeks ago, but you remember the picture of the DWM T-Rex puppeteering a smaller dino? It was obviously referencing the giant Marionette Mackenna (shudder, but boy did I have fun scoring that bit! – Katie).

If you are interested in how those puppet sounds were actually made – and hopefully it won’t entirely kill the creepy for you – here we go… Click here to read more

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