DWM Newsletter #11

As I write, I (Katie) have just finished work on my 66th episode of The Hidden People.

To mark the occasion, here’s a photo of me out recording for episode 1. I visited a local dog-walking spot, hoping to capture some barks and growls to turn into Barghest. (As is now common knowledge, I failed and ended up playing all the Barghest myself!)

A hand holding a microphone with. agray, fuzzy microphone cover. A dirt path in the background.

I first met Megan and Chris Burnside in the summer of 2018, while they were recording the show’s first season with the cast. At that time, the 22nd episode of season 3 was as far as their original story planning for this initial run of three seasons could take us. So this coming finale represents an important milestone on a big journey of imagination.

Xander, Jordan, Stephen G, and Luna at the season one premiere

And it’s not long until you, who have journeyed all the way with us, get to hear it, too! See the Latest DWM News section below for all the details you need to join DWM’s interactive finale livestream this weekend, where we will be playing the finale, ahead of its public release, and sharing more of what’s coming.

But we are not quite there yet, of course. This newsletter will focus on our penultimate episode, season 2, episode 21 – “Cut the Cord” (released on the 16th February 2023).

So consider this your spoiler warning, should you be thinking of reading ahead!

We’ll also hear from Chris about endings – and we have season finale puzzles for you! 

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