DWM Newsletter #10

Hello once again!

This week we discuss some of what we learned in the latest episode, which was season 3, episode 20 – “I Name Thee,” released on 2nd February. As ever, spoilers follow, so make sure you are caught up before you read.

Writer Alexa Fett Fisher is taking a turn in our Artists’ Corner. She’ll be talking about the art of pulling lots of information together and the joy of writing for familiar and admired actors.

We also show you behind the scenes of the recent recordings for a new DWM show and set you a musical guessing game.

Latest from The Hidden People

Oooh, we came so close to finding out two important names, didn’t we? Mackenna’s given name from Liliana, and who the Magister actually was. So close… yet not close enough… Click here for more.

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