We know we always say this, but if you’ve not yet listened to The Hidden People, season 3, episode 22 (“Destiny Made Manifest”), we strongly suggest you do so before reading on!

It was released Thursday, March 2nd and there be spoilers ahead.

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This is the last you’ll be hearing of THP… for a little while…

As of next week, we will be starting our between-seasons newsletters until we release Think Fast in June. In these between-shows editions, we are going to have an ongoing series – fun lists of 9! (Obviously, we had to choose Wodan’s number!)

So, to start it off, here are 9 Things We Learned in Destiny Made Manifest!

  1. According to Black Annis, The Book of Names has magic “beyond even Wodan”. When, in season 3, episode 11, Mackenna says “I am Mackenna Thorne” and Wodan answers “and how will that help you, exactly?” – it turns out that the answer to his question is “quite a lot, actually!” When Mackenna severed her original name from the Book, she was actually turning the name Mackenna Thorne into her ‘official’ title. This meant that the use of the name Mackenna Thorne by anyone now bestows power onto her (and good chills, in some circumstances…). This is how she ultimately derived the strength and speed to outmaneuver an angry (albeit injured) god.

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