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Mining Mackenna’s Psyche in Episode 5

Episode 5 of The Hidden People gets into Mackenna’s head, giving her a chance to explain her true feelings…and giving us a chance to hear them. Jordan Eechaute-Lopez proves why she leads this cast with her incredible, nuanced performance. From poignant sadness to deadpan comedy, Jordandoes it… Continue Reading “Mining Mackenna’s Psyche in Episode 5”

Open Auditions for Season 2

Dayton Writers Movement is accepting audition recordings for our second season of The Hidden People. The show is an audio drama with a large cast and a story that includes murder, mystery, comedy, drama, and action. Season 1 launched in Feb and will be releasing every… Continue Reading “Open Auditions for Season 2”

“A Game of Thornes” Looks Back into Family Dynamics

Episode four of The Hidden People dives deep into the Thorne siblings: Mackenna and Thomas. We slow things down a bit for this episode and the next, giving us time to learn who these characters are before the action really picks up. Shout out… Continue Reading ““A Game of Thornes” Looks Back into Family Dynamics”

“Official Statements” : The Investigation Deepens

By Chris Burnside Episode three of The Hidden People furthers the murder investigation and brings the incredible talents of Emily C Kallenberg and Norb Wessels to the forefront as Sam and Ron. We were so lucky to get these two veterans of Unwritten back for The Hidden People;… Continue Reading ““Official Statements” : The Investigation Deepens”

The Ant Farm, Episode 2, Releases

by Chris Burnside Lots to discuss this week, as Dayton Writers Movement releases the second episode of The Hidden People! This episode features wonderful performances by Jordan Eechaute-Lopezas Mackenna, Xander Hildenbrandt as Shaylee, Luna Madison as Nissa, and Stephen Gogol as Alfie. This crew of incredible performers brings to life the… Continue Reading “The Ant Farm, Episode 2, Releases”

The Hidden People podcast: It’s finally here.

It’s finally here. The Hidden People can finally be unleashed to entertain, amuse, and terrify the ears of the world. We’ve been working on this show since 2017, before Unwritten even finished releasing. And in some ways, I’ve been working on this story since… Continue Reading “The Hidden People podcast: It’s finally here.”

Fall in Love with The Hidden People

In October of 2017, our team of writers and producers came together to brainstorm a new audio drama. You will get to listen and fall in love with our new show The Hidden People.

Learn more.