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If you’ve not caught up with The Hidden People up to the latest episode (which is season 3, episode 14, released on 13th October), beware of spoilers before reading on.

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Speaking personally here, this is a part of the plot that I was waiting on for… a while. (Yes, I don’t get told a lot of what’s going to be in the scripts for a season until they are finalised, so I get to enjoy some of the twists, too!)

I, like many of you, had been vaguely curious about Nissa’s parentage and the potential for a supernatural backstory since… a while ago. For example:

“I know who your father is, Nissa.”    (season 1, episode 3 – “Official Statements”)

“We aren’t afraid of you –” / “She speaks the truth, Magister.”  (season 1, episode 15 – “Two Roads Diverged”)

“And you looked me right in the eyes and said that he…told you who your father was.” / “Oh.” (season 2, episode 16 – “Date and Switch”)

“I… genuinely do not know why the computer is beeping.” / “She doesn’t have the power to do this. None of them do.” (season 3, episode 6 – “Two Truths and a Lie”)

– The Hidden People

How much I enjoyed, then, reading this so very human story as the payoff to these teases. I should have known. This has never been a story where fathers are the special ones. It is an… anti-patriarchal story.

I found much authenticity in the portrayal of Nissa absorbed in processing her mortality, both in the script and in Luna’s sensitive performance – which made me believe in the many thoughts and memories constantly happening under the surface of this super-intelligent person.

This is one of the many occasions on this show that I found myself adding music to express some of what I felt was suggested but not spoken in the dialogue. From the notes I sent to Chris about my first draft of this episode:

‘All music [in the second half] is derived from the new, more subdued and contemplative, development of [Nissa’s] music that I introduced in her scene with Shaylee in the previous episode. As you will hear, I wanted to give her a tune, and eventually – perhaps rashly! – decided to use vocals for this, to represent Nissa’s unspoken private thoughts. The final version of it has some fuller textures and a lot of internal movement – I was thinking of mental restlessness, turmoil?’

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