About the Show

Murder. Mystery. Madness.

Dayton Writers Movement, makers of Unwritten, is back with The Hidden People, an audio drama or fiction podcast. The Hidden People is an urban fantasy that crosses all genres, building a dramatic and emotional story with comedy, action, and horror. Join us in a strange world filled with shocking twists and surprises. A world where nothing’s as it seems.

Following the continued success of Unwritten, Dayton Writers Movement began work on The Hidden People in late 2017. The cast, featuring both Unwritten alum and new voices, joined the writers and producers in 2018 to rehearse and record season one, twenty-two episodes packed with game-changing twists that kept even the cast and crew on their toes. The Hidden People debuted season one in early 2019, with DWM already hard at work on seasons two and three.

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