All in Favor?

3 weeks ago, we released Episode 13 “All in Favor?”

This episode of The Hidden People further explores the world that exists just out of our sight. Megan Burnside wrote a well-paced script that deftly mixes important information with genuinely entertaining scenes. This episode was important to me because I like to know the rules of fantasy stories. What exactly can magic do and not do? Who are the villains, and what are their strengths and weaknesses? While we leave a healthy amount of mystery surrounding the Hidden People and their world, we want to make sure the audience understands the way the mechanics work. This also pays off many curious things throughout the show, as Megan had the idea to go back through everything from the church bell to the fence post to the birthday cake.

In our next episode, we delve further into the Hidden world and meet the fabled Black Annis. Trust me that things are going to get much, much stranger.

– Chris Burnside

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