The Hidden People Season 2 Premieres May 14

Dayton Writers Movement Brings Modern Fantasy to Dramatic Audio Production

Dayton Writers Movement (DWM), known for their first audio drama Unwritten and now The Hidden People returns May 14th with season 2 of its fiction podcast. Airing through all major podcast outlets across the globe, The Hidden People breathes life into a fantasy for the modern era with a cast of more than 30 acclaimed Miami Valley voice performers and a score by award-winning composer Katharine Seaton.

The Hidden People is an ongoing audio drama or fiction podcast that has been serving up its epic tale through 30-minute episodes. With 22 episodes from season 1, the show has hit over 200,000 downloads across 100+ countries. The Hidden People adds to its dramatic and emotional story with comedy, action, and fantastical characters with 22 more episodes beginning May 14th and releasing bi-weekly throughout 2020. 

DWM is proud to call both Dayton and Ohio the home of its audio drama with its core writers having deep connections in Dayton, Ohio—including five who graduated from the University of Dayton. Dayton is a town that celebrates acting and theater, and we are proud to celebrate our performers as well. The Hidden People is performed by 30+ talented Ohio actors—who have performed with theater groups including Human Race Theatre Company, Magnolia Theatre Company, Dayton Playhouse, Springboro Community Theatre, and more.

In addition to the actors, DWM is honored to have England-based Katharine Seaton as the composer and sound designer of The Hidden People. Recently, she has joined forces with others of The Women Composers Collective to raise awareness and money for domestic abuse victims who find themselves trapped in unsafe homes now that we are under the COVID-19 lockdown.

The group of womxn composers, music producers, song writers, sound designers and audio engineers who make up the Women Composers Collective has crafted and is releasing an album called Her Indoors. It will raise money for domestic abuse victims in the UK.

Whether in Dayton, London or any other city across the globe, this issue is important to DWM, and it is honored to have music from The Hidden People represented in and raising money for a worthy cause. For just a few dollars, an album of 48 songs is currently available for pre-order:

Season 1 and Season 2 are available through: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google PlayPodbeanStitcher, and more!  

What is Dayton Writers Movement?

Dayton Writers Movement, or DWM, is a production company dedicated to bringing opportunities that showcase the artistic talent of Dayton, Ohio. Our mission is to produce well-written creative content that is engaging to audiences and encourages conversations around social change. 

“Dayton Writers Movement was formed to give a platform to the voices of local artists,” said DWM co-founder, Chris Burnside. “So many brilliant stories are currently hiding in desk drawers and stagnating on hard drives, unable to reach any audience beyond their authors’ loved ones. DWM produces these important stories so they can reach audiences ranging from local theater-goers to international podcast junkies.”

With the inaugural creative piece, DWM formed to ensure the talent of emerging writers had a medium through which to be produced. Bringing it to life are 30+ local actors and actresses vocally performing a dramatic, serialized podcast that will be distributed internationally. 

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