DWM Newsletter #2

Hello, everyone; I hope you’ve had a great two weeks!

As ever, if you’ve not caught up with The Hidden People up to the latest episode (which is season 3, episode 12, released on 15th September) beware of spoilers before reading on.

Latest from The Hidden People

We hope you enjoyed this season’s “Fetch-isode,” which was released last week! Since the Master of Shadow tried to use Fack’s competitive feelings towards Mackenna to get in Fack’s head and undermine her, it seems a great moment to share this magical image of Jordan Lopez with… Jordan Lopez, taken from the official Hidden People photo shoot. Jordan, of course, plays both roles on the show.

This photo is by Amy Parrish.

(Picture #1 descriptive text at end)

Anyway, nice try, Master of Shadow, but I think Fack was always going to be too tough to fall for that one. I wonder how else the Old Ones might seek to undermine our heroes while Wodan sleeps off the effects of an excess of Well?

A final extra bonus for episode 3.12 for Patreon supporters: check out the Patreon post to hear our cast consider the implications of bringing Fack and her journey into Covid times.

Latest from DWM

All dialogue edits for The Hidden People are now complete (meaning that I am now the only person left working on this show!). It seemed like a good time, then, to introduce you to Mckinney Botts, our dialogue editor for season 3 of THP.

Mckinney has a music business degree and studied and trained in music production in Nashville. He has worked as an assistant engineer with Grammy-nominated producer Kent Wells (Dolly Parton) and Grammy-nominated engineer Patrick Murphy (Dolly Parton, Kenny Chesney, The Grascals), as a mix assistant with Billboard charted J. Hall of JHall Inc in the rock/pop world, and as an assistant engineer and mix engineer in with Billboard charted producer and artist Joshua Barber in the metal genre.

He now runs his own business, Winter’s End Audio Productions.

Fan Art of the Week!

To continue the Mack/Fack theme, we’re showcasing this wonderful depiction of them by Hidden People fan Leon C. I adore the lost, vulnerable look in Mackenna’s eyes in this picture, which just seems so perfect for the Mackenna of the start of season 1. I also find I get sucked into those eyes in a way that makes me truly believe that – despite her flaws – people are drawn to Mackenna.

(Picture #2 descriptive text at end)

Coming up next week

This preview of episode 13 is a very well-known song!

This version of The Star-Spangled Banner is performed by Tara Browne, who plays Morgan on the show, with a band creeping in at the end there. Why on earth might Morgan (last seen fighting the vough and, before that, being the latest character to pulverise Mackenna) be singing the US national anthem, you ask? Well, you know the answer to that, of course: stay tuned and learn next week!

Until next time,

Katie and the DWM creative team

Picture #1 descriptive text: The background of this picture is a circle of silhouetted winter trees, viewed from the ground looking up towards a grey sky. In the centre, we see the same young white woman pictured twice, depicting Mackenna and Fack. Mackenna is dead-centre. She has long brown hair and wears a brown jacket, a leopard print scarf, a white top and black jeans. She is holding a huge scythe that fills the left third of the picture. She looks at Fack, who stands off-centre, shoulder to shoulder with and a little in front of Mackenna. Fack has long blonde hair and is looking to the left ahead of Mackenna. She is dressed all in black. Neither woman looks impressed with the other. The whole picture is overlaid with a semi-transparent silvery leaves effect that resembles snowflakes.

Picture #2 descriptive text: This is a drawing of Mackenna and Fack back-to-back against a pale background. In the front and left we see Mackenna’s head and shoulders. She looks out to the left. She is young, white and has long black hair that frames her face. She has big black eyes with an expressionless look, and wears a white buttoned-up blouse with a close-fitting royal blue sweater over it. Behind her, Fack is facing away from Mackenna and from us, and looks to the right. We see only some of her blonde hair, the outline of her face and her right shoulder, in a black top.

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