Our Wayward Journeys Continue

A large and stony cave is at the foot of an opening to something...perhaps episode 15 of The Hidden People. Along with the c ave we have the usual underlay of the hidden people forest / trees looming in the background and the title of our latest episode in a green bar across it all stating" Wayward Journeys: Episode 15 of The Hidden People.
We’re taking a step back to give praise to the great work of our last few episodes. First up: Episode 15.
Wayward Journeys of The Hidden People really ratchets up the excitement as two different pairs go on dangerous adventures.  Stephen Kallenberg delivered an action-packed script packed with monsters, battles, ancient vaults, booby traps, and famous mystical well. The show fully embraces its fantasy side with this episode and its quests.
In addition to writing and playing Thomas, Stephen showed his incredible creative range by also voicing the vough in this episode. While we used some minor effects to add to the wispy nature of the vough, nearly everything that you’re hearing was just Stephen’s take on this monstrous mythological creature.
The full range of what The Hidden People has to offer is now on display: tragic drama, gripping suspense, and all-out action and adventure. We may have slowly eased into this new world of modern fantasy with the first half of the season, but trust me, we won’t be taking our foot off the gas for a long time.
— Chris Burnside
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