Two Roads Diverged

Continuing with our look back at our latest episodes, let’s talk about Episode 16.
Two Roads Diverged, Episode 16 of The Hidden People, gives us a better look at the villains of the show and what motivates them. Cari Zahn wrote a poignant yet still intense episode that builds both sympathy and fear. Her script gives us quite the emotional ride as we explore Thomas’s confusing relationship with his murderous sister, the only blood relative left in his immediate family. Jordan Lopez and Stephen Kallenberg give powerful performances during their confrontation.
We also get more of The Magister and Liliana, brilliantly played by Jim Brown and Darlene Spencer. We’re so lucky to work with these phenomenal professionals who bring so much depth to these cruel villains. I seriously cannot wait for everyone to hear what they do with these characters in the rest of the season. What an honor to work with such a talented cast.
Katharine Seaton‘s powers are on full display here with her incredible score going from nail-biting tension to sympathetic pathos as Thomas races to catch his sister. Katharine’s work has been one of the highlights of the show for me. It defines The Hidden People as much as the performances and the story.
— Chris Burnside

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