Episode nine of The Hidden People is the first of our three-episode midseason event. We begin the discoveries and revelations by following three groups of characters. I love to see the different dynamics across our different groups, and we have such entertaining interactions between all of the performers in this episode. Jordan Lopez, Xander HildenbrandtStephen KallenbergEmily KallenbergNorb WesselsLuna Madison, and Stephen Gogol are a joy to write for and direct. And let’s not forget Sean Gunther, our enigmatic Storyteller who provides context for the action as well as some sinister commentary. You creep us all out, Sean.

I’m back behind the keyboard for this episode and the next few. Writing this show, with this team of producers and performers, rarely feels like work. As soon as I finish a script, I just want to dive into the next one. Hopefully you find episodes nine through twelve as engaging to hear as they were to write.

The next few episodes will change everything you know about The Hidden People in dramatic and explosive fashion. In many ways, the first eleven episodes are just the very beginning of the story. Stay with us. This is going to be big.

And remember, nothing’s as it seems.

– Chris Burnside

Double Rainbow

This past Thursday, episode 8 “Double Rainbow” of The Hidden People released. We get to hear more of the aftermath of losing one’s parents through Thomas’s experience. This is important to Dayton Writers Movement, as multiple producers have lost parents far too early in their lives. Alexa Fett Fisher gave us all a piece of her soul with this script, and the honesty and power of the emotion moves me each time I read and hear it.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Jordan Lopez working through the baking of a cake, which is one of the funniest moments yet on the show.

Next week begins our three-part midseason event. The murderer of the Thornes will be exposed. The characters will face mortal danger. Deceptions and lies will be laid bare. And everything. Will. Change. No, seriously; that isn’t just ad copy. You might think you know what this show is about at this point. But nothing’s as it seems.

Join us at for behind the scenes bonuses, including the full recipe for Robert Thorne’s famous birthday cake.

“DEAL” with Episode 7

Episode 7 of The Hidden People covers action, suspense, and character development. The excitement, in particular, hints at what is coming very soon…we’ve got an explosive mid-season. Katharine Seaton brings us the wild action AND the somber feels with her incredible score and sound design. I am consistently in awe of her work.

This episode is also very special because it marks the first creative writing from Megan Burnside. She’s been producing, directing, and acting since Unwritten, but now she’s penning scripts, too! Words cannot convey how proud I am of her bravery to publish the first story she’s ever written AND of her boundless talent in all forms of artistic expression (which now includes writing). This project would not be possible without Megan. Her influence touches and improves every part of the show.

If you’re enjoying The Hidden People, I’d really appreciate it if you could take just two minutes to leave a quick 5-star rating and review wherever you listen. We want to keep this show going, and we want to grow the audience, and those positive reviews are crucial to doing both.

The big mid-season is coming in a few weeks, and it’s bringing answers to the mysteries. You may think you have it figured out, but nothing’s as it seems.

-Chris Burnside

Sneaky Things

Episode six of The Hidden People has Nissa and Alfie doing “Sneaky Things” in order to solve the murders. Luna Madison and Stephen Gogol take the spotlight this week with their special brand of investigation and hilarity. After working with Luna on Unwritten and hearing the way she brought Elaine Harper, the most complicated character I’ve ever written, to life basically confirmed for me that I never want to do a creative project without her involvement. Her work on The Hidden People is equally impressive. Stephen is new to Dayton Writers Movement, but I cannot imagine anyone who could be more Alfie than him. Whether it’s Batman-voiced ad-libs or gold star puns, he keeps everyone laughing.

Playing both sides of the mic this week is Stephen Kallenberg, who not only plays Thomas but also wrote this episode (and quite a few others). Stephen‘s understanding of pace is unrivaled, and his scripts are a breeze to read and rehearse. I think you’ll find this episode both exciting and fun, much of which is due to the well-paced script.

The Hidden People will have twenty-two episodes in season one (sixteen more to go). They’re already recorded, so we’re not making promises we can’t keep. In fact, season two is almost fully written, and we begin production on it in under a month.

If you’d like to help us maintain the quality and keep the lights on, visit us at And keep listening. Answers are coming, and next episode starts with a bang.

Mining Mackenna’s Psyche in Episode 5

Episode 5 of The Hidden People gets into Mackenna’s head, giving her a chance to explain her true feelings…and giving us a chance to hear them. Jordan Eechaute-Lopez proves why she leads this cast with her incredible, nuanced performance. From poignant sadness to deadpan comedy, Jordandoes it all. This episode is just one of the twenty-two this season where she shines. We were also blessed to have Darlene Spencer appear in this episode. Her brilliant turn as the eccentric Nanny Karen isn’t the last time you’ll hear her in the show. Every time she was in the room, we all had to up our game to be on her level.

On the other side of the mic, this episode introduces Alexa Fisher to the writing team. I’ve known Alexa for many years now, and from the moment I read her first screenplay, I know I wanted to work with her some day. I’m ecstatic to have her mind and her words helping to develop and write this show.

In less than two weeks, we’ll be investigating the murders from multiple sides. Answers are coming soon. Keeping in mind that nothing’s as it seems, what do YOU think is going on?

Open Auditions for Season 2

Dayton Writers Movement is accepting audition recordings for our second season of The Hidden People. The show is an audio drama with a large cast and a story that includes murder, mystery, comedy, drama, and action. Season 1 launched in Feb and will be releasing every two weeks throughout the year. 

The new season will pick up from where season one concludes.  Season 2 will rehearse and record in May – August and release beginning early 2020. 

To audition, you must be 18 years or older with availability for rehearsals and recordings taking place in the Dayton, Ohio area. All roles are unpaid.

Audition recordings are due by end of day Monday April 15, 2019.

Learn more and get the sides to audition here:

“A Game of Thornes” Looks Back into Family Dynamics

Episode four of The Hidden People dives deep into the Thorne siblings: Mackenna and Thomas. We slow things down a bit for this episode and the next, giving us time to learn who these characters are before the action really picks up. Shout out to Stephen Kallenberg this week as he brings so much emotion and depth to Thomas. This isn’t some over-the-top, melodramatic portrayal of loss and the sudden growing up that accompanies it. Stephen brings a tragic reality to his performance that actually serves to make the scenes even more powerful. This guy never phones it in.

Also this episode, I’m so very honored to have Anna Adami‘s words in the show. Anna and I worked very closely on Unwritten, and her words and spirit infuse every bit of that show. We were so lucky to have her work on The Hidden People, too. She is simply the best writer I’ve known (including myself in that group), and she brings down the house with this poignant and honest script.

Things won’t stay quiet for long. Very soon, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. And at midseason, you’ll have answers to your questions.

Keep listening. Stay vigilant. Nothing’s as it seems.

“Official Statements” : The Investigation Deepens

By Chris Burnside

Episode three of The Hidden People furthers the murder investigation and brings the incredible talents of Emily C Kallenberg and Norb Wessels to the forefront as Sam and Ron. We were so lucky to get these two veterans of Unwritten back for The Hidden People; they bring authenticity and depth to their performances whether they’re interrogating perps or just cracking wise. 

Emily always has input in every part of the show, whether it’s coming up with story ideas, suggesting new audio tricks, or even directing our child actor guest stars (stay tuned for them in two weeks). She is an invaluable member of the DWM family.

Norb takes a character who a lesser actor would play as comic relief and gives him real pathos, injecting humanity and also an extensive knowledge of the law, making Ron a genuine, complex character. What these two discover will put them on a collision course with the killer. Are they prepared for what they’ll discover? Are you?

The Hidden People releases a new episode every other Thursday. Stay with us; you won’t want to miss what happens at midseason.

Nothing’s as it seems.

Listen now.

The Ant Farm, Episode 2, Releases

by Chris Burnside

Lots to discuss this week, as Dayton Writers Movement releases the second episode of The Hidden People!

This episode features wonderful performances by Jordan Eechaute-Lopezas Mackenna, Xander Hildenbrandt as Shaylee, Luna Madison as Nissa, and Stephen Gogol as Alfie. This crew of incredible performers brings to life the friendship that is one of the core elements of the show. Getting Jordanand Luna back together since Unwritten has been nothing short of majestic, and welcoming Xander and Stephen to the DWM family is certainly one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Shout out to Stephen for delivering the funniest subtle line of the season (which ultimately might be the funniest line of the season, full stop) when he offers Mackenna water.

On the subject of lines, I am beyond grateful for Cari Zahn‘s script for this episode and her outstanding contributions throughout the show. I am so very proud of my dear friend for her creativity, her drive, and her words. We were so lucky to work with her, and I look forward to many more collaborations with her.

Please enjoy “The Ant Farm,” episode two of The Hidden People, but be sure the check out episode 1 first! Let us know what you think. And in case you think you’ve got it all figured out, remember: nothing’s as it seems.


The Hidden People podcast: It’s finally here.

It’s finally here. The Hidden People can finally be unleashed to entertain, amuse, and terrify the ears of the world. We’ve been working on this show since 2017, before Unwritten even finished releasing. And in some ways, I’ve been working on this story since 2011. “Finally” doesn’t even really begin to cover it.

We took our time to make this show the best it can be. If you’ve listened to Unwritten, you’ll recognize the crisp sound engineering courtesy of Dan Sievers, funny and powerful dialogue, and surprising twists. What you won’t hear this time are stock sounds. The sound and music of The Hidden People are designed by the brilliant Katharine (Katie) Seaton, and she makes the show sound as professional as the big-budget, celebrity-filled audio dramas.

In addition, we built a team of the most talented artists in the area (and beyond). I am regularly humbled to work with the writers on this show, and the cast bringing our words to life is immeasurably talented. Our collective goal is to subvert your expectations at every turn, to leave you shocked and on the edge of your seat.

Each episode is 30ish minutes long. They release every other Thursday. The investment is low, but the potential to be entertained is significantly higher. Please give the show a listen. See what the artists in Dayton are making. And remember: nothing’s as it seems.

– Chris Burnside