The Hidden People podcast: It’s finally here.

It’s finally here. The Hidden People can finally be unleashed to entertain, amuse, and terrify the ears of the world. We’ve been working on this show since 2017, before Unwritten even finished releasing. And in some ways, I’ve been working on this story since 2011. “Finally” doesn’t even really begin to cover it.

We took our time to make this show the best it can be. If you’ve listened to Unwritten, you’ll recognize the crisp sound engineering courtesy of Dan Sievers, funny and powerful dialogue, and surprising twists. What you won’t hear this time are stock sounds. The sound and music of The Hidden People are designed by the brilliant Katharine (Katie) Seaton, and she makes the show sound as professional as the big-budget, celebrity-filled audio dramas.

In addition, we built a team of the most talented artists in the area (and beyond). I am regularly humbled to work with the writers on this show, and the cast bringing our words to life is immeasurably talented. Our collective goal is to subvert your expectations at every turn, to leave you shocked and on the edge of your seat.

Each episode is 30ish minutes long. They release every other Thursday. The investment is low, but the potential to be entertained is significantly higher. Please give the show a listen. See what the artists in Dayton are making. And remember: nothing’s as it seems.

– Chris Burnside

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