Sneaky Things

Episode six of The Hidden People has Nissa and Alfie doing “Sneaky Things” in order to solve the murders. Luna Madison and Stephen Gogol take the spotlight this week with their special brand of investigation and hilarity. After working with Luna on Unwritten and hearing the way she brought Elaine Harper, the most complicated character I’ve ever written, to life basically confirmed for me that I never want to do a creative project without her involvement. Her work on The Hidden People is equally impressive. Stephen is new to Dayton Writers Movement, but I cannot imagine anyone who could be more Alfie than him. Whether it’s Batman-voiced ad-libs or gold star puns, he keeps everyone laughing.

Playing both sides of the mic this week is Stephen Kallenberg, who not only plays Thomas but also wrote this episode (and quite a few others). Stephen‘s understanding of pace is unrivaled, and his scripts are a breeze to read and rehearse. I think you’ll find this episode both exciting and fun, much of which is due to the well-paced script.

The Hidden People will have twenty-two episodes in season one (sixteen more to go). They’re already recorded, so we’re not making promises we can’t keep. In fact, season two is almost fully written, and we begin production on it in under a month.

If you’d like to help us maintain the quality and keep the lights on, visit us at And keep listening. Answers are coming, and next episode starts with a bang.

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