Mining Mackenna’s Psyche in Episode 5

Episode 5 of The Hidden People gets into Mackenna’s head, giving her a chance to explain her true feelings…and giving us a chance to hear them. Jordan Eechaute-Lopez proves why she leads this cast with her incredible, nuanced performance. From poignant sadness to deadpan comedy, Jordandoes it all. This episode is just one of the twenty-two this season where she shines. We were also blessed to have Darlene Spencer appear in this episode. Her brilliant turn as the eccentric Nanny Karen isn’t the last time you’ll hear her in the show. Every time she was in the room, we all had to up our game to be on her level.

On the other side of the mic, this episode introduces Alexa Fisher to the writing team. I’ve known Alexa for many years now, and from the moment I read her first screenplay, I know I wanted to work with her some day. I’m ecstatic to have her mind and her words helping to develop and write this show.

In less than two weeks, we’ll be investigating the murders from multiple sides. Answers are coming soon. Keeping in mind that nothing’s as it seems, what do YOU think is going on?

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