“Official Statements” : The Investigation Deepens

By Chris Burnside

Episode three of The Hidden People furthers the murder investigation and brings the incredible talents of Emily C Kallenberg and Norb Wessels to the forefront as Sam and Ron. We were so lucky to get these two veterans of Unwritten back for The Hidden People; they bring authenticity and depth to their performances whether they’re interrogating perps or just cracking wise. 

Emily always has input in every part of the show, whether it’s coming up with story ideas, suggesting new audio tricks, or even directing our child actor guest stars (stay tuned for them in two weeks). She is an invaluable member of the DWM family.

Norb takes a character who a lesser actor would play as comic relief and gives him real pathos, injecting humanity and also an extensive knowledge of the law, making Ron a genuine, complex character. What these two discover will put them on a collision course with the killer. Are they prepared for what they’ll discover? Are you?

The Hidden People releases a new episode every other Thursday. Stay with us; you won’t want to miss what happens at midseason.

Nothing’s as it seems.

Listen now.

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