“A Game of Thornes” Looks Back into Family Dynamics

Episode four of The Hidden People dives deep into the Thorne siblings: Mackenna and Thomas. We slow things down a bit for this episode and the next, giving us time to learn who these characters are before the action really picks up. Shout out to Stephen Kallenberg this week as he brings so much emotion and depth to Thomas. This isn’t some over-the-top, melodramatic portrayal of loss and the sudden growing up that accompanies it. Stephen brings a tragic reality to his performance that actually serves to make the scenes even more powerful. This guy never phones it in.

Also this episode, I’m so very honored to have Anna Adami‘s words in the show. Anna and I worked very closely on Unwritten, and her words and spirit infuse every bit of that show. We were so lucky to have her work on The Hidden People, too. She is simply the best writer I’ve known (including myself in that group), and she brings down the house with this poignant and honest script.

Things won’t stay quiet for long. Very soon, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. And at midseason, you’ll have answers to your questions.

Keep listening. Stay vigilant. Nothing’s as it seems.

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