Meet Black Annis in Ep 14

The latest episode of The Hidden People introduces us to the monstrous Black Annis. Alexa Fett Fisher wrote another wonderful script, this time featuring the aforementioned witch as well as great scenes for Liliana (Darlene Spencer) and the Conley police chief (Chatam Miracle).

Danielle Gunther brought Black Annis to life with her intense and terrifying vocal performance. We used almost none of the Hidden People “accent” (the vocal process used for those who have lived in the Hidden world) because her performance was already so rich and evocative. When I researched Black Annis many years ago, I could hear her scratchy, creepy voice in my mind. I’m so happy that Danielle was able to completely exceed my expectations for how this unique character would sound. Katharine Seaton – Music‘s sound and music add even more life to the scene. Let’s just say that we loved Black Annis so much that she will be back.

The next episode finds all the characters following their respective quests and leads. Some will walk right into danger, while others will be mysteriously pushed away from it. The action intensifies. We’re building toward an epic season finale in episode twenty-two. Stay with us. Bring your friends.


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