The Pieces Fall Into Place in Gestalt Shift

Gestalt Shift: The signature forest circling and closing in dark in the background with glowing orbs of light changing our view of the dark forest

We’re back! Episode 12 of The Hidden People firmly establishes the prior eleven episodes as the first act of a much larger creepy modern fantasy. We answer many questions here in order to propel the story forward, but don’t assume this means we don’t have more mysteries and surprises for you. Cuz we have many, many more. But now that you know who the Hidden People are, you know just how scared you need to be when you hear them arrive.

This week, we really get to meet Shaylee (who she actually is) for the first time. And that puts Xander Hildenbrandt in the spotlight. Xander’s talents for performance, character-building, and storytelling are immeasurable and incomparable. She plays so many different versions of Shaylee in the show (we’ve only scratched the surface), and she makes each one unique. I’m so thankful to work with her (and to Jordan for basically casting her months before we wrote any scripts or held auditions).

We also welcome Aaron Brewer to the cast as Dane. Aaron’s enthusiasm is infectious, and he’s so much fun to have at the table. We have many more snarky conversations between Dane and Shaylee/Mackenna to come.

We’re back in two weeks and every two weeks after that. This season is going to get big and explosive. And I mean that rather literally.

So, be sure to listen, subscribe and share with your friends. Also, send us your feedback and let us know what you think!

– Chris Burnside

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